Project TheatreSOLO: Theatrical Production Home



TheatreSOLO is a project from Argentinian artist Matías Umpierrez that brings together theatrical interventions developed in specific locations of the city, built to be watched by one spectator at a time. In the program, the artists-in-residence will be directed by Matías and will also participate in the creation of individual scenes, of which texts will be produced by him, after the definition of the selected artists and of the places where the scenes will be played.

Besides the actors, artists-in-residence of the production programme will also be selected, andwill accompany the whole assembly process, encouraging the formation of cultural agents - the project will prioritize the selection of actors who produce their own work, as well as young producers and students interested in cultural and artistic exchange, in the practical experience of the different stages of production of a cultural project, and in the relationship between the process of creation and its management.