Elaboration of cultural projects

The course aims to provide general ideas for the development of cultural projects in the performing arts from theoretical and practical content, involving the debate on the relationship between the process of creation and its management.

Courseload: 12h

Technical requirements: projector; tables and chairs for the lecturer and participants

Production and Cultural Projects Management

The role of the cultural producer is the development of strategies that make possible the creation and enjoyment of symbolic goods. The course starts with this dimension of cultural doing, trying to locate it as an action. For this, the course includes the historical of cultural policies in Brazil since 1930, situating the artistic trajectory of its members. It also promotes a debate on the roles of producer and cultural manager, in addition to approaching the elaboration and management of cultural projects, stages of executive production, creation of visual identity and of the communication plan.

Courseload: 24h

Technical requirements: projector; tables and chairs for the lecturer and participants

Cultural Production Consultancy

The SIM! Cultura agency renders specialized consulting services to independent theater groups, independent artists and public and private institutions. For each case, a custom action plan is designed, while respecting the specificities of each contractor.

Courses in February and March

In order to create a space of reference in continuing education in the creation and production process, SIM! Cultura offers annually at its headquarters, courses taught by professionals with significant national and international careers. In this sense, important creators and researchers such as Mary Thais, Tatiana Motta Lima, Daniele Sampaio and Eduardo Okamoto had already taught at SIM! The application process is selective and those interested in the process can submit a motivation letter between September and November of each year. Among those who are selected for the February and March courses, there are students from several Brazilian states, which generates diversity of thought and practices about the Performing Arts.

Incubator Project

Interested in promoting the work of young artists and independent groups, SIM! selects up to 2 cultural projects a year to produce and manage them for up to 12 months. For each partnership, an action plan is built in order to locate the artistic career of the partner and make their production autonomous. To know the incubated projects, track our news on FB.